Model PPV-1200


A laboratory, bench-top system for measuring the viscosity (range log 5 poise to log 9 poise) of solid glass cylinders (6 to 12 mm OD by 3 to 6 mm thick) as a function of temperature below 1200C.

Operate according to ASTM C-1351M.


  • Bench top instrument console
  • 1200°C furnace
  • programmable process controller
  • Alumina sample pedestal
  • Alumina load rods
  • LVDT sensor
  • type "S" thermocouples
  • counter weights
  • computer software
  • accessories and instruction manual. (Computer not included.)


Model PPV-1200
Warranty 12 Months
Atmosphere Air
Temperature Range RT to 1200°C
LVDT Displacement Range ±0.30 inch (±7.62 mm)
LVDT Sensitivity 1.3 mV/V/.001 inch (51 mV/V/mm)
Load rods Alumina
Pedestal Alumina
Sample Pressure 100 - 500 grams
Thermocouples Type "S"
Sample Size 6-12 mm OD x 3-6 mm thick
Computer Requirements Desktop with available PCI slot
Power Control SSR
Power Requirements 120vac/10amp or 240vac/5amp 50 or 60 Hz
Temperature Control Honeywell UDC 3200 Process controller
Computer Interface Software Included
SRM Calibration samples Optional
Bench-top Footprint (stand) Length x Depth x Height 12 x 14 x 33 (31 x 36 x 84 mm)
Bench-top Footprint (controller) Length x Depth x Height 18 x 12 x 5 (46 x 31 x 13 cm)

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