Anisotropic Module

The Anisotropic Measurement Module furnishes the unique ability to measure thermal conductivity both in and through the plane of the sample analysed. Being able to test the anisotropic behavior of thermal conductivity is crucial for many applications. In any context where heating or cooling is involved, e.g. batteries, electronics and building materials, being able to ascertain this property is vital. This type of measurement is made possible by using the specific heat capacity of the sample in question as in-data. Specific heat capacity, if not found tabulated in scientific journals etc., or known from previous testing of similar materials, can readily and accurately be tested with a dedicated TPS measurement module.

The Anisotropic Measurement Module features both single- and double-sided sample testing, but double-sided testing is recommended for maximum precision.


Thermal Conductivity Range:

Instruments Range
TPS 3500, TPS 2500 S 0.005 to 1500 W/m/K
TPS 2200 0.005 to 500 W/m/K
TPS 1500 0.005 to 50 W/m/K

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