Software Installation and Troubleshooting

  • Orton Dilatometer software requires a Windows operating system with regional setting set to English (United States)
  • For international customers, the regional settings should also be set for decimal point (.) period, not (,) comma
  • Software should be installed with Administator permission for all users

Analysis Software

Intuitive, easy-to-use Windows® based analysis software is provided. The PC can receive up to 32,000 data points (time/temperature/percent linear change) for extremely long runs. Data from up to 6 tests can be compared. Data can be printed graphically or in tabular form or exported as an ASCII file. Software features include comparisons against temperature or time; zoom function; and examine percent linear change, differential or average coefficient of expansion, calculation of transition and softening point temperatures, a-b quartz transition temperature, and coefficient of expansion calculation for any temperature range.


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