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Hot Disk offers scientific instruments for measuring thermal transport properties, ranging from the state-of-art TPS 3500 to the budget minded model Hot Disk M1. The instruments can be customized with sensors, measurement modules and accessories according to your wishes, and additional functionality is easy to integrate as interest arises.

In addition to the hardware, Hot Disk provides an evolving software for controlling the instrumentation as well as the accessories including the sensor switch and various types of temperature control units. Along with this we feature a companion app that is developed for Hot Disk users to have a quick access to a paper database to look for publications that remark Hot Disk technique.

All these factors considered, the TPS line of instruments likely constitutes the world’s most flexible and accessible system for analysing thermal transport properties.


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Models Available: TPS 3500, TPS 2500S, TPS 2200, TPS 1500, M1 1500 500S M1

Measurement Modules

Isotropic Standard, Anisotropic, Slab, One-Dimensional, Thin Film, Specific Heat Capacity,Low Density/ Highly-Insulating, Structural Probe, Single-sided Testing, Automatization


Kapton, Teflon, Mica


A full line of accessories are available for your Hot Disk Instrument


Apps for your Hot Disk Instrument

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