Hot Wire



the Model TCH-16 Hot Wire system measures the thermal conductivity of a single sample of refractory material with a thermal conductivity up to 15 W/mK at temperatures between ambient and up to 1650°C in air. The 4 sample furnace (9 inch brick samples) is lined with high purity ceramic fiber and is heated with molybdenum disilicide heating elements, and controlled with a type "S thermocouple.

Operated according to ASTM C-1113


  • 1600°C furnace 
  • Programmable process controller
  • Sensor sytem for the Hot Wire array
  • Platinum Hot Wire Harness
  • Type "S" thermocouples,
  • computer software
  • Accessories and instruction manual. (Computer not included.)


Model TCH-16
Warranty 12 Months
Temperature Range RT to 1,650°C
Furnace Side load, box furnace
Thermocouples Type "S" 2 wire
Samples x4 channels
Max Sample Size  9 inch Brick
Heating elements molybdenum disilicide x10
furnace Power control 4-20ma SCR
Power controls inlclude E-Stop
Temperature Control User Programmable, PID Controller 
Heating Rate 1 to 30°C/minute
Power Requirements 240vac/70amp 50/60Hz
Data Acquisition Software included
Data Analysis Software included
Computer Interface Ethernet
Overtemp Included
Electrical Resistivity Optional
Appoximate weight 1323 lbs (600kg)
Furnace Footprint Length x Depth x Height   40 x 37 x 72 (102 x 94 x 183 cm)

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