Short Courses

Orton has partnered with the American Ceramic Society to offer an online version of its "Introduction to Refractories" Course.  The course will consist of eight 3-hour lectures to be held November 2 through 5 and November 9 through12th.  For course details and registration click here or see below

Introduction to Refractories

Live On Line November 2-12

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Sue McLeod and Witness Cones

We ran across this recent post from Sue McLeod that explains why she uses Witness Cones in her firings. ...

New International Ordering Options Available

Orton has partnered with Zonos so Customers around the world can order small quantites of Orton products...

Shelf Life of Cones

Do cones have a shelf life? At the Edward Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation, a common question asked to...