Small Cones

Small Cones are commonly used in the Kiln-Sitter®. The tapered shape allows some flexibility to adjust shut-off by placing the thinner or thicker portion of the cone under the sensing rod.

Small Cones can also be used on the kiln shelf as miniature witness cones when space is limited. They require mounting in cone holders or plaques at an 8° angle and a width of 15/16 of the cone exposed above the cone holder. Small Cones used on the kiln shelf deform at about 9°F after Large or Self-Supporting Cones of the same number.

Cone numbers 12 and higher are also available as PCE cones.

In 2016, Orton began packaging Small cones in pairs like Large and Self-Supporting cones.  We made the change to reduce the number of cones broken during shipping.

Click Here If you would like to see a short video on how to separate the cones.

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Small Cone Breaker

Small cone Breaker


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