The Orton C201 Thermal Conductivity Apparatus is a system to measure the heat flow through a refractory using a water-cooled calorimeter. The test sample size requirements are (3) 9 straight brick and (6) 9 x 2.5 x 2.25 soap bricks. (total of 9 straight bricks required) 

Operated according to ASTM C-201


  • 1500°C Furnace
  • Type 'T' Thermopiles
  • Copper Calorimeters
  • Water pump
  • 4 channel flowmeters
  • Type "S" thermocouple,
  • Accessories and instruction manual. (Computer not included.)


Model C201-1500
Warranty 12 Months
Temperature Range RT to 1,500°C
Furnace Split box, SiC elements in top
Thermocouple Type "S" 2 wire
Furnace Chamber IFB
Furnace Lid 1600°C fiber
Water Pressure 5-10 PSI regulated
thermopiles type "T"
Millivolt Resolution 0.01mv
Water tank optional
Ice Bath optional
Process Controls optional
Water chiller/reciruclator optional
Power Requirements 240vac/70amp, 50/60Hz
Data Acquisition Manual
Data Analysis Manual
Computer Interface n/a
Sample thermocouples not included
Back-up water line plumbing included
Approximate weight 800 lbs. (363 Kg)
Footprint Length x Depth x Height      40" x 37 x 61 (102 x 94 x 155 cm)

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