Model RSV-1700


A laboratory bench-top system for measuring the viscosity of molten glass as a function of temperature from room temperature to 1700°C.

Operated according to ASTM C-965/A, ASTM C-1276


  • 1700°C furnace
  • programmable process controller
  • Power Transformer
  • Type "B" thermocouples
  • Motorized sample lift pedestal
  • and instruction manual.

Choice of Brookfield Viscometer Models (ranges):

  • LV-DV2T: 1.5K to 2M cP
  • RV-DV2T: 10K to 40M cP
  • HA-DV2T: 25K to 80M cP
  • HB-DV2T: 100K to 320M cP


Model RSV-1700
Warranty 12 Months
Test Method Rotating Spindle
Range 1.5K - 320M cP
Atmosphere Air
Temperature Range RT to 1,700°C
Furnace Tube style with MolyD elements
Sample Thermocouple Type "B
Control Thermocouple Type "B
Crucible/Spindle (not Included) Platinum/Rhodium
Size (Crucible) 74 mm height 68 mm top diameter, 41mm bottom diameter200ml capacity
Size (Spindle) 292 mm length 8.7mm diameter
Sample Volume 125ml +/- 50ml
Sample Weight 400-500 grams
Power Requirements 20/-240vac/ 30amp, 50 or 60Hz
Power Control 4-20ma / SCR
Pedestal 1650C IFB
Pedestal Movement Vertical, Motor driven lead-screw
Temperature Control Honeywell UDC 3200 Process controller
Calibration Sample 100000cps Fluid (for Room Temp calibration)
SRM Calibration Sample Optional
Computer Interface Software Optional
Purge Gas Atmosphere Optional
Bench-top FootprintLength x Depth x Height 16 x 16 x 58 (41 x 41 x 147 cm)

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