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The Essential Kiln Notebook

The Edward Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation is proud to be included in The Essential Kiln Notebook by Kara Leigh Ford. The Notebook ensures you remember what you did when you had a good firing. Just as importantly - what you did when you had a bad one. With the ever-increasing cost of electricity and gas, the more we can do to make our firings successful and more efficient, the better for our bottom line and the planet.

How does it help? Keeping accurate records of previous firings helps take the guesswork out of future firings of your pottery. This will give you more consistent results and make you feel more confident and in control of your kiln. This notebook tells you what you need to record after every firing. Your notes will always be legible and understandable. (Future you will thank you!).

Get your digital download today at the link below:

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