AutoFire controllers

Orton programmable kiln controllers are designed to automatically fire electric kilns or ovens with precise temperature control and reliability. They include many programming features, user-friendly keypads and robust temperature control software.

Whether the application is ceramic firings, heat treating, glass fusing, or enameling, Orton controllers provide reproducible results for quality firings. AutoFire controllers are available as component panels for kiln manufacturers or as complete stand-alone control systems to upgrade and operate kilns with manual controls.

  • AutoFire3000 (12 button controller)
  • AutoFire Express (3 button controller)
  • Stand-alone wallbox assemblies (Autofire3000)
  • Stand-alone assemblies (Autofire Express)
  • Datalog Software

Autofire Express Products

The AutoFire Express is a variable PID controller with a smaller footprint than the AutoFire3000; designed primarily for smaller kilns with many of the same advanced firing features.

Autofire3000 Products

The AutoFire3000 controller is a variable PID temperature controller for any electric kiln application, designed with a long list of standard programming features and configuration options.

Datalog Software

Monitor and log your kiln firings with optional computer software (for Windows operating systems)

Controller & kiln Replacement Parts

Thermocouples, relays and power transformers

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