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Testing Services- Labor & Consulting Charges

We offer a wide variety of materials testing services that are listed below. You can download the testing request form here or contact our team to help answer any questions you may have and help schedule your testing service: or Call Us +1-614-818-1321​

Center staff are actively involved in the development of new test methods and the evaluation of existing tests. We can do comparative evaluations on specific materials. Capabilities exist to evaluate sensors, design or apply electronics, write specialized software, and design and build test equipment.

The center also undertakes proprietary research and testing projects for clients on a contract basis. These may include ceramic/refractory materials evaluation, development/characterization of new test procedures or evaluation of firing behavior. Following discussion of the project with a client, a proposal is prepared outlining the work to be performed, project schedule, and estimated cost. The Center utilizes the services of private consultants, University faculty, and others to complement its own professional staff and testing capabilities.

Labor Charges

Machining Services

Machining services for advanced ceramic test coupons include diamond cutting, coring, and surface grinding.

On-Site Inspection or Sampling

Arrangements can be made to offer needed services in-plant or on-site. Examples are quality control sampling, product inspection (including non-destructive sonic testing), failure analysis, and sampling of a failure.

Special Projects

For special projects, a proposal is submitted covering work to be done along with time and costs. Most projects are done on a cost-incurred basis. Orton makes every effort to provide high quality technical services on a responsive basis.

Contact us today: or Call Us +1-614-818-1321 to speak with an expert.

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