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Thermal Analysis Testing



Standard Test Method for Linear Thermal Expansion of Solid Materials with a Push-Rod Dilatometer

Thermal Linear Analysis determines the expansion and/or contraction characteristic of a specimen as a function of temperature. Numerical and graphical results show the percent of linear thermal change (expansion or shrinkage) versus temperature using an Orton dilatometer. Tests on larger refractory specimens can also be made using a vertical thermal expansion furnace (see ASTM C832).

ASTM E1269

Standard Test Method for Determining Specific Heat Capacity by Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Specific heat capacity is measured by differential scanning calorimetry. Since specimen geometry may be dependent on material composition, inquire before machining specimens for submittal.

ASTM E1461

Standard Test Method for Thermal Diffusivity and Conductivity by the Flash Method

Thermal diffusivity is measured by laser flash. The sample size for the Laser Flash unit is a 0.500" (plus 0.000"/minus 0.005") diameter disk. Samples of 0.08", 0.12" and 0.16" thickness should be provided.  Since sample configuration may be dependent on sample composition, inquire before machining samples for submittal. Thermal conductivity is calculated from the thermal diffusivity, heat capacity, and density. See ASTM E1269 for sample size requirements for determination of heat capacity. The diffusivity price schedule includes the heat capacity determination.

Other Testing Options:
  • Heat Capacity from Thermodynamic Data

  • Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA)

  • Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

  • Simultaneous DTA/TGA

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