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AutoFire Slide


NEW! The AutoFire Slide is the latest addition to the AutoFire controller family. It has all the benefits and features of the AutoFire 4000 with a user friendly touchscreen interface. 

The AutoFire Slide controller is a variable PID temperature controller for any electric kiln application, designed with a long list of standard programming features and configuration options. The AutoFire Slide accepts Type K, N, S and R thermocouple inputs for operation up to 3308F. The AutoFire Slide can be utilized as a single zone controller or as a multi-zone controller for optimizing temperature uniformity within larger kilns.

Need a Software Update? The current software version is 3.2.0


Ceramic Art

Cone-Fire Method: The controller provides quick selection of preset Cone programs from Cone 022 to Cone 12. These programs are designed specifically for ceramic firings that require specific heat-work to properly bend an Orton Pyrometric Cone. Every Cone-fire program allows the operator to set a preliminary Preheat cycle for drying ware, an optional hold time at the final heating temperature for additional heat-work and an optional cooling cycle at the end of the heating cycle. Every Cone-fire program also allows the operator to select an optional firing speed that can shorten or lengthen the firing time up to 40% for large or small kiln loads. Heat-work adjustments are automatically calculated and final firing temperatures are automatically determined by the controller based on actual kiln performance. This ensures the kiln firing will produce the perfect results even as the kiln ages and conditions change.

User Defined Mode

User Programs: The controller allows the operator to create, program and save 35 separate firing schedules with 20 user defined heating and cooling rates, target temperatures and hold times. This method can be used for Glass fusing or Glass Slumping or any other kiln firing application which requires flexibility.

Auxiliary Vent Fan Control

In addition to controlling the kiln temperature, the controller also allows the operator to program the on/off cycle of the kilns auxiliary vent fan if equipped. The vent fan can be selected on or off for each heating or cooling step of the firing schedule. The Aux outputs can also be used to control safety relays, external alarms or a firing complete notification device.

Standard Features

Delay start: Allows the operator to postpone the start of the firing cycle up to 100 hours.
Power Consumption: Allows the operator to view calculated firing costs and power usage for each firing.
Diagnostics: Provides kiln load Amps with optional hardware
Heating Rate units: Allows the operator to select the programming units for heating and cooling rates as degrees per hour, degrees per minute or time to temperature.
Info Screen: provides firing status, setpoint and alarm information.
Graph Screen: provides time vs. temperature plots in real-time. 
MAX heating rates: User Program option to heat the kiln as fast as possible or to cool as fast as possible.
Indefinite Hold periods: Programming option to hold the kiln at temperature indefinitely.
Program Skip Step: Allows the operator to move ahead to any step in the firing program.
Program edit: Allows the operator to edit the program during the active firing. 
Add-time: Allows the operator to lengthen the current hold period without interrupting the kiln firing.
Thermocouple Offset: Allows the operator to adjust the temperature display accuracy by as much as ±25°C (±45°F) to offset aging thermocouple(s).
Temperature Units: Allows the operator to set the display Temperature units in Fahrenheit (°F) or Centigrade (°C).
Threshold Alarm: Allows the operator to program an alarm that notifies when the kiln has reached a working temperature.
Thermocouple Alarms: Notifies the user of a defective thermocouple or a thermocouple that is connected with reverse.
Cone Table: Provides the operator a look-up table for cone number temperatures.
Status Display: Allows the operator to view the current firing step and the actual heating or cooling rate of the active firing.
Computer Interface: USB interface for remote monitoring and data collection.
Deviation Alarms: Adjustable alarm sensitivity.
Power Fail Recovery: Allows the kiln to resume the firing when power interruptions occur from thunderstorms or accidental shut-down.
Safety Temperature limits: Allows the kiln manufacturer to set a limitation on the top programmable firing temperature.
Program Lock: Allows the operator to prevent changes to individual programs.

Coming Soon: WIFI apps for remote kiln monitoring


Technical Specifications

Input Voltage: 24vac center-tap transformer (50/60Hz)
Voltage Tolerance: + 10% to -20%
Operating Current: 200ma
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70°C (32°F to 158°F)
Programmable Temperature Range: 0°C to 1820°C (32°F to 3308°F)
Output Voltage: 5 Channels @ 12vdc / 1000ma
Display Resolution: 1°C or F
Analog to Digital Resolution: 24 bit
Accuracy: +/- 2°C
Communication Port: USB


AF Slide Standalone

Orton Standalone controllers are a great addition for manually operated kilns to provide accurate temperature control and monitoring. Stand-alone Models are compatible with most brands of electric kilns and can be supplied with a variety of power cords and kiln receptacles for plug-n-play installation.

Autofire Slide Stand-alone controllers come in wall-mount enclosures which are designed to hang near the kiln. Thermocouples which measure the kiln temperature are included with 8ft. wire extensions. Automatic controllers offer improved temperature uniformity, repeatability and accurate kiln firing result. Orton controllers are manufactured with quality components and backed by a 2 year controller warranty.

Features include:

  • Ratings up to 100 Amps (custom quotes available for higher amperage kilns)

  • Easy installation

  • Attractive enclosures

  • Single or Multi Zone configurations

  • Electrical cord sets or direct wire

  • Wall brackets included

  • Type K or Type S Thermocouples

  • Removable Hand-held Controllers

  • Computer interface Option

  • Vent Fan control Outlets

Standard power cords and receptacles


AutoFire Hand Held Controller Option




The AutoFire stand-alone controller can be supplied with a hand-held controller that detaches from the wall unit. The Hand held controls allow flexibility in the location of the programmable keypad. The controller can easily be removed and stored away to prevent unauthorized use of the controller.

The benefit of the hand-held controls is that it's interchangeable with multiple wall units. If you have more than one kiln, but do not fire them simultaneously, you can save the expense of equipping each kiln with a complete controller system. Each kiln would require a relay wall unit for attaching the hand held controller.

Questions to help you select a stand-alone AutoFire controller:

  • What is the voltage and current rating for the kiln?
    The controller will need to be equipped with components to handle the electrical load of the kiln.

  • Do you need Single Zone or Multi Zone Control?
    Multi Zone control will improve the temperature uniformity from top to bottom in the kiln. Multi zone controllers are direct-wire to the kiln. Power cords are optional.

  • What type of power cord and receptacle is needed on the controller?
    A variety of cord sets can be substituted at no additional charge. Stand- alone controllers can also be supplied as direct-wire systems with internal terminal blocks for electrical connections.

  • What type of thermocouple is required?
    Type K thermocouples are the most common and can be used reliably if the kiln is mostly fired to Cone 6 (2232°F) or below. For routine firings above Cone 6, Type S is recommended.

  • Do you need the optional Hand-held controller?
    The AutoFire Slide controller is available in the hand-held option. This allows the controller to be removed from the kiln, allows you to use the controller on multiple kilns equipped for the controller and allows flexibility in the location of the programmable keypad.

  • Do you want to control a vent fan with the controller?
    The AutoFire Slide controller can be equipped with an additional relay and outlet for your vent fan.

  • Where can you purchase Orton controllers?
    Visit the Orton Online Store, Contact any authorized reseller or Orton distributor, or contact Orton directly.



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