The practical use of TempTABs is for verification of furnace uniformity and reproducibility of a specific thermal process in non-oxidizing or vacuum. TempTABs have been pretreated to remove any organics so there is no outgassing or contamination to worry about.

TempTABs were designed for the Sintering, Brazing and Heat treating of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) but can also be used in a variety of applications including single/fast firing of tiles and Sintering Dental Zirconia. TempTABs provide an easy method to digitize and record the thermal process by using a digital micrometer to measure the final TempTAB dimension, entering the dimension into the TempTAB Trakker Software that translates the final dimension into a temperature equivalent. The software allows users to store up to 360 runs in up to 9 locations. They are made from carefully controlled ceramic materials that shrink over a fairly wide temperature range. They are measured once they exit the thermal process and their dimension is used to determine the peak temperature they were exposed to.

The value of the TempTAB is to provide verification that the furnace is uniformly delivering the expected thermal profile. Software is available to automatically track your process temperatures over time in up to 9 locations by simply inputing the TempTAB dimensions from each location after each run. Temperature data is developed with a ramp rate of 5 degrees C per minute up to the setpoint, with hold times at peak temperature for 10, 30, 60, 120 and 240 minutes. Heat Treating Schedules (Insert into a hot furnace for 5 different hold times) are also available where appropriate.

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TempTAB 300 25/Sleeve

Range 850-1100C / 1562-2012F


TempTAB 400 25/Sleeve

Range 1000-1200C / 1832-2192F


TempTAB 600 25/Sleeve

Range 1100-1300C / 2012-2372F


TempTAB 650 25/Sleeve

Range 1200-1500C / 2192-2732F


TempTAB 700 25/Sleeve

Range 1450-1750 / 2642-3182F


TempTAB Gauge Package

TempTAB Gauge Package is a complete quality measuring system designed to m...


TempTab 300 - 10 sleeves/250 Pieces

TempTab 300 10 Sleeves





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