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Introduction to Properties of Refractories

Instructor:  Joseph Homeny, Ph.D.

Course Description

This course addresses most of the significant properties of refractories, both theoretically and experimentally. The lectures emphasize microstructural-property relationships. The live laboratory demonstrations are designed to give participants the knowledge of common refractory testing techniques. The individual sessions are titled in the accompanying outline of the daily topics.

What you will learn

The objectives of this course are to introduce the participants to the fundamental properties of all classes of refractories. Each session consists of lectures followed by laboratory demonstrations. The lectures are designed to provide the participants with a basic knowledge of the significant properties of refractories. The live laboratory demonstrations cover the corresponding property measurement techniques.

Who will benefit?

Engineers, managers, contractors, purchasing agents, furnace operators, maintenance supervisors, and technicians who are involved in the manufacturing, marketing, research and development, or consumption of refractory materials will find this course beneficial. A high level technical or engineering background is not essential to take this course, although technical professionals will find the subject matter informative and useful.

Need to miss a lecture?

All lectures will be recorded, so even if you cannot attend the live lectures, you can still take the course using the recordings. They will be posted after each live lecture and include the very same video and audio content and personalized instructor feedback.Instructor:  Joseph Homeny, Ph.D.

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