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Model 1416 STD


Orton dilatometer Model 1416STD is a horizontal, digital dilatometer that measures the expansion or contraction of a single test specimen from room temperature to 1600°C with on-board, stand-alone, programmable process controller and linear motion measuring head assembly equipped with LVDT sensor.

Operated according to ASTM E-228, ASTM C-372, or ISO 7991


  • Bench top instrument console

  • 1600°C furnace with SiC element

  • Programmable process controller

  • Alumina sample holder and alumina probe rod

  • Type "S" thermocouple

  • 1 (25.4mm) or 2" (50.8mm) calibration sample

  • Computer software

  • Accessories and instruction manual. (Computer not included.)



Model: DIL 1416 STD

Warranty: 12 Months

Temperature Range: RT to 1,600°C

Furnace: Tube style, 6 inch hot zone

Thermocouple: Type "S" 3 wire

Sample Holder and Probe Rod: Alumina (Fused Quartz optional)

Sample Size (max): 50 mm long x 10 mm round or square

LVDT Displacement Range: ±0.125 inch (±3.18 mm)

Displacement Resolution: 0.0000003 inch or 0.3 micro-inch (0.00001 millimeter or 0.01 microns)

PLC Resolution for a 1 Sample: 0.00003%

Reproducibility Range: ± 0.008 Percent Linear Change

Contact Load: Adjustable - minimum 4 grams / 3.9cn

Temperature Control: User Programmable, 20-segment, PID Controller with Melting Point Protection

Heating Rate: 1 to 20°C/minute, programmable at 0.01°C increments

Power Requirements: 208-240vac, 20amp 50/60Hz

Data Acquisition: Onboard Process controller - data stored at 1°C increments, real-time data collection or data retrieval to computer

Data Analysis: Remote programming and analysis Software (Requires English Language Version of Windows OS)

Computer Interface: USB

Factory Calibration: high purity platinum

Calibration Sample: 99.8 Alumina; Platinum available as Option

Water Cooled Bulkhead: Optional (water circulation system not included)

Measuring Head Cover: Optional

Controlled Atmosphere Option: Optional

Fused Silica Calibration Sample: Optional

Bench-top Footprint; Length x Depth x Height: 31 x 12 x 14 (788 x 305 x 356 mm)

Model 1415 STD programmable digital dilatometer
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