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 Model BBV-1000​ annealing, strain, viscosity tester


 Model BBV-1000​


A laboratory bench-top system for automatically determining annealing point temperature, strain point temperature or viscosity (Log poise 14.0 - 9.0) of a solid glass beam, rod, or tube below 1000C.

Operated according to ASTM C598, ASTM C1350M or modified versions of those test procedures


  • Bench top instrument console

  • 1000°C furnace

  • Programmable process controller

  • Measuring head with fused quartz sample pedestal (50mm diameter) and fused quartz load rod

  • Type "S thermocouple

  • Load weights

  • Computer software

  • Accessories and instruction manual. (Computer not included.)



Model: BBV-1000

Warranty: 12 Months

Range: Log 14.0 - Log 9.0 Poises

Atmosphere: Air

Temperature Range: RT to 1,000°C

Furnace: Tube style 

LVDT Displacement Range: ±0.500 inch (±12.7 mm)

LVDT Sensitivity: 0.7 mV/V/.001 inch(28 mV/V/mm)

Mass Set: Slotted weight set 1-500 Grams

Thermocouple: Type "S

Sample Size: 2.53 to 3.78mm dia. Rod (or) 2.21 to 3.31mm bar

Power Requirements: 120vac/10amp or 240vac/5amp, 50/60 Hz

Computer Requirements: Windows OS

Power Control: SSR

Pedestal: Fused Quartz - 50mm diameter

Load rod: Fused Quartz Shepherds hook

Furnace Movement: Manual lift

Temperature Control: Honeywell UDC 3200 Process controller

Computer Interface Software: Included

25mm Diameter Pedestal: Optional

Bench-top Footprint (stand)Length x Depth x Height: 12 x 14 x 33 (31 x 36 x 84 cm)

Bench-top Footprint (controller)Length x Depth x Height: 18 x 12 x 5 (46 x 31 x 13 cm)

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