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Dr. Trofimov Presents at MIM Conference 2022

Application of Hot Disk Transient Plane Source for Thermal Conductivity Evaluation During Metal Injection Molding: Case of Metal Powders

Thermal conductivity can be used for a variety of purposes in powder injection molding (PIM) of both metal (MIM) and ceramic (CIM) materials and additive manufacturing (AM): simulations/modeling, optimization of the processing/manufacturing parameters, quality evaluation of components, estimation of the porosity, etc. Meanwhile, only a limited number of techniques are available for the assessment of thermal conductivity of the initial powders or a feedstock (powder + binder), and an even smaller number of instruments are suitable for thermal conductivity measurements at every stage of the MIM process. In this work, Hot Disk Transient Plane Source technique is proposed for the evaluation of the thermal conductivity of the intermediate as well as the final parts obtained throughout MIM. Potential application of the Hot Disk technique to the characterization of the solid samples (such as “green”, “brown”, sintered parts) will be discussed, and the focus of this presentation will be given to the evaluation of the metal powders. For additional information please email us at


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