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Introducing - Orton Reference Material

In need of a reliable reference material for thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, or heat capacity measurements? Introducing ORM (Orton Reference Material) for thermal properties calibration. ORM simplifies the calibration process and sets the standard for accuracy and consistency in thermal characterization with properties identical to Pyroceram® 9606 (as shown below using the Hot Disk method).

Key features of ORM:

- Exceptional Thermal Stability: to provide reliable data

- Isotropic and Homogeneous: to provide reproducible data

- Versatile Applications: from R&D to industrial applications

- Produced from Glass 9604 to be comparable to Pyroceram® 9606

- Machining capabilities to meet your required sample sizes

For more information about Orton ORM contact us or give us a call at (614)-895-2663

ORM Pyroceram 9606
Download PDF • 487KB


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