Temperature Monitoring Process Temperature
Monitoring & Verification
If you are looking for the best product to help monitor your High Temperature Process, let Orton Help you with the right solution. Pyrometric Cones, TempCheks, TempTabs and PTCR are available. All of these products are independent of your electronics and allow you to monitor your process temperatures alongside your ware being fired. more details
Products for Kilnsventing systems and
electronic controllers
Orton does not make kilns but we do supply high quality venting systems and electronic controllers for electric Kilns and furnaces. Orton VentMaster Vent Systems and Orton AutoFire Controllers and other Productivity and Safety Items are available. more details
Thermal Analysis Measurement and
Glass Testing Equipment
Orton dilatometers are known globally as reliable instruments measuring thermal expansion of materials at high temperature. Glass testing Equipment measures Annealing and Strain points, Viscosity Measurement (Beam Bending / Parallel Plate) and Softening points (Labino / Littleton methods) of glass. Orton also makes a Rotating Spindle Viscometer and Gradient Furnaces. more details
Materials TestingMaterials Testing
And Research Center
The Orton Materials Testing and Research Center is a full service independent test facility offering over 100 ASTM tests. Orton's ability to deliver timely test results makes it the “go to” Lab for companies in the Refractory, Ceramic and Glass Industries. Orton is continually looking for ways to assist its customers and has recently added a new corrosion resistance test for refractory material. more details

New Laboratory Training Course Announced.....


A three day course Sponsored by The Edward Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation  

The course is an intensive combination of classroom lectures and laboratory demonstration exercises that address the thermal properties of refractories.  For each thermal property covered in this course, the relevant background theory is first provided to establish a common reference point. Next, the measurement technique for each property is described in detail. Finally, each measurement technique, including sample preparation, is demonstrated in the laboratory. The individual sessions are shown in the accompanying outline of the daily topics.  The course is limited to 16 participants.


Technicians and engineers who are involved in the manufacturing and testing, research and development, or consumption of refractory materials will find this course beneficial. Refractory installers and maintenance personnel may also benefit from this course. A high level technical or engineering background is not essential to take this course, although technical professionals will find the subject matter informative and useful.


The objective of the lecture portion of this course is to provide the participants with an understanding of the thermal properties of refractories and their corresponding measurement techniques. The objective of the laboratory sessions is to provide the participants with direct experience in fabricating test specimens and the application of standard test methods.

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Edward Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation

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The Edward Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation serves the global materials industry providing products for thermal process verification, thermo-analytical instruments and materials testing services. We are focused on providing the ceramics and metals industries products and services second to none, working directly with our customers to understand their needs. The Orton Ceramic Foundation has provided the standard for firing verification for more than 100 years. Working directly with our customers Orton continually explores new products and services with the same commitment our founder Dr. Edward Orton Jr. made to the ceramic industry over 100 years ago.

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