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PCE stands for "Pyrometric Cone Equivalent". They are used to determine the Cone equivalent of an unknown raw material by placing several different PCE cones alongside an unknown raw material (that has been pressed into the same shape as a cone). Circular Cone plaques are available to hold a combination of up to 16 different PCE cones or unknown raw materials trying to match one of the PCE cones.

PCE cones have been prefired so that all organic binder has been removed. Because of this, they can be used in applications with non-oxidizing atmospheres.

PCE cones are available for use from 2,439F to 3,659F (1,337C to 2,015C) corresponding to the range cone 12 to 42.


PCE Cones are packaged 50 cones per box. Circular cone plaques contain 10 plaques in each box.

Information about the PCE ISO Standard can be found

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