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Dr. Trofimov to Present at MIM2023

Attending MIM2023 in a couple of weeks? Make sure you catch Dr. Artem Trofimov's presentation on "Hot Disk Thermal Characterization of MIM Parts at Every Production Stage" on Tuesday morning!

Click on the link below 👇 for more information:

Hot Disk Thermal Characterization of MIM Parts at Every Production Stage Thermal characterization of metal (MIM) and ceramic (CIM) injection molded parts as well as additively manufactured (AM) materials is vital for modeling and simulations, optimization of the processing parameters, and can be used for quality evaluation of components at different steps of manufacturing. Meanwhile, the evaluation of thermal properties at every production stage (and not only at the final sintering) is challenging due to a necessity to accommodate the testing of both powders and solid samples, as well as insulative and conductive materials (e.g., green and sintered parts, respectively). In this work, Hot Disk Transient Plane Source (TPS) technique is demonstrated as a suitable and convenient tool for the evaluation of thermal properties at all MIM stages, including raw powders, feedstock, green, brown, and sintered parts. The accuracy of the technique will be demonstrated on the example of sintered 17-4PH Charpy bars in comparison to the bulk properties of this material. The ability to test and differentiate between the powders with different particle sizes will be shown on examples of tungsten and 17-4PH alloy. The potential use of Hot Disk as a quality control technique will be illustrated by evaluating and comparing green parts, brown parts, and several partially debind parts with different amounts of residual binder.


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